Saturday, July 2, 2011


Dark Shadows Celebrates 45th Anniversary

Dark Shadows Celebrates 45th Anniversary Big Finish Productions is pleased to announce a special anniversary story to celebrate 45 years of Dark Shadows. The Crimson Pearl is a dramatic reading uniquely featuring over thirty characters. It follows the story of a mystical jewel as it journeys through the various eras and dimensions of Dark Shadows. A single CD release, sold at the price of a regular dramatic reading, the story also features the arrival of Christopher Pennock in his first Big Finish audio, and his first Dark Shadows appearance since Return to Collinwood.

The story begins in 1690 as Isaac, the founder of the cursed Collins family, travels to America. A mysterious snowstorm brings the Pearl to his attention and he takes it with him as he sets up the town of Collinsport. After that? Prepare to discover who or what really killed Simon Briar. What happened to the English branch of the Collins family? Why is the Dark Lord so keen to get his hands on the Pearl? Who is the mysterious stranger talking to Millicent Collins in a lunatic asylum? And why exactly would Quentin Collins send his beloved Angelique a hatpin?

The story stars, in alphabetical order: David Ames, Nancy Barrett, Nicola Bryant, Ursula Burton, Roger Davis, Nigel Fairs, James Goss, Lizzie Hopley, Jerry Lacy, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Alex Mallinson, Lara Parker, Christopher Pennock, David Selby, Alisdair Sladen, Rebecca Staab, Roy Thinnes, James Unsworth and Matthew Waterhouse. It's written by series producers James Goss and Joseph Lidster.

The Crimson Pearl, due for release in August, is also the first release in a subscription for the next six Dramatic Readings – more details of which will be announced soon. To pre-order the subscription click here for the CD sub and here for the download sub.

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