Thursday, September 29, 2011

Richard Dean Anderson and Christopher Pennock in the DAYTIME serial General Hospital 1978.


 Circa 1976
Three Faces of Faith: Nancy Barrett,
Faith Catlin, and Catherine Hicks

Faith Returns

Joe Flanagan posted to Kathleen's DARK SHADOWS Friends
Nancy Barrett joins the cast of the ABC soap Ryan's Hope, assuming the established role of Faith Coleridge.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Johnny Depp as 'Dark Shadows' Vampire - Sneak Peek!

Johnny Depp as 'Dark Shadows' Vampire - Sneak Peek!
Check out Johnny Depp in character as vampire Barnabas Collins in his upcoming movie Dark Shadows!
EW got a sneak peek of the entire cast, which also includes Helena Bonham Carter, Chloe Moretz, Eva Green, Gulliver McGrath, Bella Heathcote, Ray Shirley, Jackie Earle Haley, Jonny Lee Miller, and Michelle Pfeiffer.
“I do remember, very vividly, practically sprinting home from school in the afternoon to see Jonathan Frid play Barnabas Collins,” Johnny told the mag, referring to the ’60s-’70s TV series. “Even then, at that age, I knew - this has got to be weird.”



Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dark Shadows Movie Cast Photo: Compare The Old With The New

Entertainment Weekly has revealed the first cast photo from the new Tim Burton movie, Dark Shadows.

“I remember seeing a group photograph of the cast of the original series,” Burton told EW. “For me it captured the weird DARK SHADOWS vibe in a single image. I had a brief window of opportunity to have our cast present at the same time, the day before principle photography began. We decided to stage a similar picture instead of rehearsing, to see if we captured the DARK SHADOWS feeling.”

Click below to compare with the original cast photo from DARK SHADOWS.

The movie is scheduled for theatrical release May 11, 2012.

What do you think? The new cast photo seems more true to the original series to us than the Johnny Depp photo circulating recently from the set.

From MSN

New 'Dark Shadows' cast photo released
The first cast photo of the new "Dark Shadows" movie has been released and it is sure to have fans of the original series excited. Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive first-look photo here.
In the new picture, feast your eyes on Johnny Depp as vampire Barnabas Collins, Helena Bonham Carter as Dr. Julia Hoffman, Jackie Earle Haley as groundskeeper Willie Loomis, Jonny Lee Miller as Roger Collins, Michelle Pfeiffer as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard and and "Kick-Ass" star Chloe Moretz as her teenage daughter Carolyn.
Find: More buzz on the 'Dark Shadows' movie
"Dark Shadows" was originally a daytime drama on ABC starring Jonathan Frid as Barnabas. It ran from 1966-1971 and is the basis for this new movie. There was a reboot of the franchise that aired 12 episodes in 1991 starring Ben Cross, Joanna Going and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
This new movie is being directed by (who else) Tim Burton and tells the tail of Barnabas, made into a vampire in 1772 by a witch whose heart he broke. She entombs him for 200 years, until he emerges in 1972 and that's where the movie picks up.
"Dark Shadows" opens May 11. Will you be taking a visit to Collinwood Manor?

NOW THAT'S BETTER a little bit....

Monday, September 19, 2011




Anthony George know to us DARK SHADOWS fans as the 2nd Burke Devlin and Jeramiah Collins arrives on ENCORE WESTERNS (running this month) in an EPISODE of LAWMAN called THE JURY.


If you are interested in owning some original GOLD KEY comic book art from George Wilson check out the auction and for sales on COMIC ART FANS

George did a few DARK SHADOWS art covers.

Cover art for GOLD KEY DARK SHADOWS #30

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Johnny Depp As "Barnabas Collins" In 'Dark Shadows' First Look!



  \\Johnny Depp's 'Dark Shadows' Photos Draw Comparisons to Michael Jackson, Willy Wonka

The first photos of Depp as vampire Barnabas Collins have appeared online, but reaction is decidedly mixed.


Johnny Depp
George Pimentel/FilmMagic/Getty Images
The first photographs of Johnny Depp playing the vampire Barnabas Collins in director Tim Burton's big screen update of Dark Shadows popped up online Wednesday. Fan reaction on Twitter was decidedly mixed.
Several comments saw Depp as another superstar: Michael Jackson. One fan, Reggie Watts, tweeted, "FYI Johnny Depp to reprise his Michael Jackson character from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory in the upcoming Dark Shadows movie."
Pop culture Twitter feed @TMAonHulu did its own previous Burton comparison: "So Edward Scissorhands gets Boy George glasses?"
STORY: Johnny Lee Miller, Chloe Moretz, Helena Bonham Carter Join 'Dark Shadows'
Actor Richard Weigand, who plays a vampire on the web series Curve Your Vampirism tweeted, "Why does Johnny Depp look like more like Powder from the movie Powder than Barnabus?"
David Posadny tweeted, "Was reminded of South Parks Tim Burton slam after seeing latest pics of him dressing Depp up in his stupid Goth look. C'MON."
Carla Baron wrote, "Was looking forward to Tim Burton's remake of Dark Shadows ... but Johnny Depp looks ridiculous in this makeup."
James Sharpe wrote, "New photos of Johnny Depp looking like a cartoon on the set of the new Tim Burton mess. I'm not linking to the photos just imagine them."
British fan @grid_spy couldn't make up her mind, writing, "Johnny Depp Pic in Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" film. I'm not sure if it looks cool/strange/weird."
However, not every person who saw the pics had a negative reaction. Kayla Grosse had just one word: "Creepy."
Charlotte J. Parker wrote, "Just saw a photo of Johnny Depp on my home page. Whew. Even at my age he just quivers my liver."

My thoughts.....

Frid's Winter Cape

Frid's 1960's Cape



Johnny Depp's BARNABAS COLLINS for his updated DARK SHADOWS is exciting and I want it to succeed, but looking at the FIRST glimpse of his make up as the gothic Vampire, Oh my it is BAD! I do not mind the hat and the IVORY headed wolf cane (I know he will NOT be warding off any WEREWOLVES with this cane...but that's OK) His Inverness cape being green as some fans seem to think is wrong, but even Jonathan Frid's cape/coat had different styles. My BIG beef is the makeup! Some say he looks like the Joker from BATMAN, or even Micheal Jackson, I just think it look FREAKY and clownish......I can only hope that his MAKE UP is for a GOOD purpose and is NOT what he will end up looking like in the FINISHED film...I guess we will see.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Faces of BARNABAS COLLINS 1967-2012

Ben Cross as Barnabas Collins in 1990

Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins in 1967

Alec Newman as Barnabas Collins in 2004

Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins in 2012


Barnabas Meets BOZO!



Dark Shadows - The destruction of The Leviathons

Dark Shadows - Zombies Destroy Collinwood

Dark Shadows - Barnabas kills John Yeager

Dark Shadows - Barnabas Collins

What's with the makeup on Johnny Depp's Barnabas Collins?
Johnny Depp Sports Bright White Makeup on Dark Shadows Set | Johnny Depp
By Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, NBC Today, September 14, 2011Gotta confess, I love Dark Shadows. When I was a kid in the 1970s, it aired in a prime after-school time slot and I watched with my mom. She was no fan of regular soap operas, but somehow Dark Shadows, with its Gothic theme, vampires, family crypts and chained coffins, didn't seem like a soap. It had drama, action, intrigue and plenty of spine-tingling scenes. (That little ghost girl Sarah, Barnabas Collins' sister, haunted me for years.)
     In fact, when I co-wrote Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops: The Lost Toys, Tastes and Trends of the '70s and '80s, (shameless plug!) I made sure Dark Shadows got an entry all its own.
     Dark Shadows, it seems, was a childhood fave of Johnny Depp as well, and he's now starring as beloved head vamp Barnabas Collins in the big-screen edition, due out May 11, 2012. At the time I wrote the book entry, I wondered if the proposed movie version would ever get off the ground.
     But when photos from the set started to trickle out, I stopped short. As played by Jonathan Frid (who's still with us at 86), Barnabas was an imposing, aristocratic leading man who was also the part of an established New England family. Yes, vampirism was thrust upon him thanks to vengeful witch Angelique, but even as a vampire he was stately and dignified. One thing he was not was a freak.
     And yet that's exactly how he looks in these photos. Numerous blogs have compared this Barnabas to Michael Jackson or earlier Depp character Edward Scissorhands. (Tim Burton directed Edward and is directing Dark Shadows.) Some have suggested that perhaps Barnabas needed the makeup to go out in the daytime.
     I'm reserving judgment for now, but really, Johnny Depp — as a fan since childhood, you should know better than most not to mess with Barnabas Collins. Moviegoers have watched too many of our beloved childhood memories (Bewitched, The Flintstones, Land of the Lost) get dragged through horrible film versions just because Hollywood doesn't have any new ideas.
     Fans will call down many a curse on your head should the beloved soap be trashed onscreen.

Micheal Jackson or JOKER? Depp's BARNABAS and DS First look

Collinwood set


Bella Heathcote and Johnny Depp on the set of "Dark Shadows"

Depp as Barnabas or is he Micheal Jackson/JOKER?

Tim Burton

Filming DS

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Barnabas confronts Willie as Maggie the doomed BRIDE looks on in the feature film HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS.

Close up of the DOOMED BRIDE (ah er the BORED BRIDE) from HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS.
These photos come from Kathryn Leigh Scott's book, MY SCRAPBOOK MEMORIES OF DARK SHADOWS.