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Cecil Donald "Don" Briscoe (born March 20, 1940, Yalobusha County, Mississippi — died October 31, 2004, Memphis, Tennessee) was an American soap opera actor, most notable for playing Tony Meritt (#2) onDays of Our Lives, and, from 1968–1970, for playing Chris Jennings, Tom Jennings, Timothy Shaw, and Chris Collins on Dark Shadows.
Briscoe left Dark Shadows abruptly in 1970 after suffering a "mental breakdown" (according to his sister, Bonny Jenkins) and eventually withdrew from the acting profession and relocated to live with family inMemphis. The deaths of his parents hit him badly. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and suffering from nervous disorders, manic-depression and drug problems, Briscoe settled into a reclusive lifestyle. Declared unable to work for a living by a psychiatrist, he managed to act occasionally in local theatre until the 1980s and worked for a time as a gas station attendant.[1]
He died in 2004 at his home in Memphis from heart disease.

DON BRISCOE 1990 photo by Jeff Thompson

As Chris Jennings with Nancy Barrett 

At home during DARK SHADOWS

Dark Shadows News Page: New Comics Collection Cover Revealed

Dark Shadows News Page: New Comics Collection Cover Revealed: Hermes Press have unveiled cover artwork for Dark Shadows: The Complete Collection – Volume Four, which continues the series of collector's ...

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The 1970 cookbook by ACE STAR Books 
The Dark Shadows Festival 1989 cookbook.

Diana Millay's 1996 cookbook.

Photo of Marie Wallace and Jonathan Frid from the Dark Shadows Festival cookbook.
The Holiday months always bring on celebrations of FOOD and  DRINK and during 1970 ACE STAR books released the paperback THE DARK SHADOWS COOKBOOK : The favorite recipes of your favorite television characters. The book has more than 150 unusual recipes, and including 65 complete menus: exotic beverages; and a "how to in the kitchen" section. The book is compiled by Jody Cameron Malis The book is one of the most difficult DARK SHADOWS books to locate today. This is NOT the only DARK SHADOWS COOKBOOK however, in 1989 The DARK SHADOWS FESTIVAL released DARK SHADOWS:CELEBRITY COOKBOOK. This 132  publication edited by Jim Pierson and other Dark Shadows Festival personel combined recipes from the Cast and Crew of the original DARK SHADOWS series. The proceeds of this book went to benefit public broadcasting. And if that is NOT enough actress and DARK SHADOWS star Diana Millay in 1996 released her cookbook "I'D RATHER EAT THAN ACT"

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I still had to share this photo from my friend and DS fan BOB ISSEL. the 1960's DARK SHADOWS BARNABAS COLLINS kids HALLOWEEN Costume.

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Number 252. October 30 , 2011


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ShadowGram has been asked to announce the following:

“Dynamite Comics has just published the first in a regular series of all-new color comic books based on the original DARK SHADOWS TV series.

“The first issue, which comes with two different front cover artwork options, can be ordered directly from the Dynamite Comics website now at:

Or from comic book retailers.

“A nook version will also be available online as publicized on the Dynamite website.

“Monthly issues and special single-edition ‘annual’ comics are planned so be sure and check back on the website for updates in the coming weeks.”

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