Thursday, April 21, 2011

BARNABAS and his famous BANGS!




We all remember that Jonathan Frid the ORIGINAL BARNABAS COLLINS had them signature BANGS and that Ben Cross and Alec Newman incarnation of the character did NOT have the hair style, but John Depp says he will try to stay as close to the FRID Barnabas as much as possible, so my question is....Will he have the HAIR? Also why was those BARNA-BANGS USED in the ORIGINAL DARK SHADOWS?


  1. My DS fiend Carol Price says:

    "Dan, it was the sixties, Dan Curtis was trying to capture the Beatles, without looking like the Beatles."
    Carol Price goes on to say; 'This is my opinion Johnny Depp's Barnabas will not have bangs, or even close to the original imagine or even the 1991 hair style"

  2. The Barnabas of 1967-1971 wore his hair in the style which was popular at the end of the 18th century, when he became a vampire. The bangs were in homage to either Brutus or the Emperor Augustus, of whom Barnabas has a passing resemblance to. The hairstyle has been attributed to the Neo-Classical look made popular primarily by younger men who chose shorter hair as opposed to the queue (hair pulled back and tied), or even the powdered wigs of their elders. During the last decade of the 18th century, a tax was imposed upon powder for wigs. During a time of Revolution, particularly in France, a powdered wig might get one a step closer to La Guillotine. It was considered snobbish, even foppish, for a young man of the Pre-Regency era to appear with a wig atop his head. One's own natural hair, styled in the Greco-Roman fashion, reflected upon the Classical ideals then being promoted. Barnabas, having traveled abroad, would be aware of these trends, and would be similarly coiffed.

  3. My friend and Fellow DSer said :
    Emily Klaczak commented on your photo.

    Emily wrote:
    "I thought that the bangs came about because the portrait in the hallway was painted before Frid was hired and the person who posed for it had a comb-over that ended with the bangy fringe."