Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The 1970 cookbook by ACE STAR Books 
The Dark Shadows Festival 1989 cookbook.

Diana Millay's 1996 cookbook.

Photo of Marie Wallace and Jonathan Frid from the Dark Shadows Festival cookbook.
The Holiday months always bring on celebrations of FOOD and  DRINK and during 1970 ACE STAR books released the paperback THE DARK SHADOWS COOKBOOK : The favorite recipes of your favorite television characters. The book has more than 150 unusual recipes, and including 65 complete menus: exotic beverages; and a "how to in the kitchen" section. The book is compiled by Jody Cameron Malis The book is one of the most difficult DARK SHADOWS books to locate today. This is NOT the only DARK SHADOWS COOKBOOK however, in 1989 The DARK SHADOWS FESTIVAL released DARK SHADOWS:CELEBRITY COOKBOOK. This 132  publication edited by Jim Pierson and other Dark Shadows Festival personel combined recipes from the Cast and Crew of the original DARK SHADOWS series. The proceeds of this book went to benefit public broadcasting. And if that is NOT enough actress and DARK SHADOWS star Diana Millay in 1996 released her cookbook "I'D RATHER EAT THAN ACT"

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