Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SYFY returns to COLLINWOOD....

The Sci Fi Channel was launched on September 24, 1992. And aired the original DARK SHADOWS (1966=71) until 2003. Well, Tonight SYFY (new name) revisited DARK SHADOWS with the show GHOST HUNTERS. I think it was a pretty cool revisit me being a DARK SHADOWS fan from the gothic soaps beginnings and still today!


The following from
below give the the synopsis of the show.....
Ghost-Hunters-Dark-Shadows.jpgThe Ghost Hunters investigate the exterior set of that awesome 'Dark Shadows' cult-classic television show that made vampires cool way before they had to sparkle to entertain the kids today. This screenshot may illustrate the final death-throes of this poor thermal imager.
On this episode of Ghost Hunters the TAPS team take on Seaview Terrace in Newport, Rhode Island.
The 65-room manor house features turrets, stained-glass windows, high-arching doorways and shell motifs that adorn the facade. The mansion was used as an exterior set for the cult classic television show 'Dark Shadows' as well as a dorm for Salve Regina University. I wasn't able to find anything stating what the place is being used for currently. My guess is some kind of ghost-tour, haunted-house attraction just like last week's Hill View Manor from the looks of the fake cobwebs in this clip with KJ McCormick and Britt Griffith.
From the clip it looks like it'll be a fun investigation, but then I am partial to castle-type episodes and the Newport Mansions are about as close to a castle as we get here in the US.
Check out the clip and I'll see you back here after the show and we'll go through the episode together and see what the Ghost Hunters team is up to this time. I'm sure it'll be 17 instances of 'cccrraaazzzzyyyy' in one 40 minute episode yet again. That's one 'crazy' for every 2.35 minutes of actual ghost hunting! Trust me, there is another drinking game in the making here, forget about taking a shot every time someone says 'Did you hear that?' The crazy train will get you there much quicker!
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