Sunday, September 18, 2011

My thoughts.....

Frid's Winter Cape

Frid's 1960's Cape



Johnny Depp's BARNABAS COLLINS for his updated DARK SHADOWS is exciting and I want it to succeed, but looking at the FIRST glimpse of his make up as the gothic Vampire, Oh my it is BAD! I do not mind the hat and the IVORY headed wolf cane (I know he will NOT be warding off any WEREWOLVES with this cane...but that's OK) His Inverness cape being green as some fans seem to think is wrong, but even Jonathan Frid's cape/coat had different styles. My BIG beef is the makeup! Some say he looks like the Joker from BATMAN, or even Micheal Jackson, I just think it look FREAKY and clownish......I can only hope that his MAKE UP is for a GOOD purpose and is NOT what he will end up looking like in the FINISHED film...I guess we will see.

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  1. There's speculation he only looks that pale because of Julia's treatment and he's out in the sun for the first time--or that he's wearing sunblock (which sounds a little farfetched and goofy to me). But yeah, I won't feel good about it until I see a picture proving those others wrong.