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Shadowgram update 6/23/2011

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Number 240           June 22, 2011
Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS),
announces the following breaking news in this Online DS News Update "bulletin."

Susan (Ghost) is appearing in Nora & Delia Ephron's popular play "Love, Loss, and What I Wore." Publicity: "The show uses clothing and accessories and the memories they trigger to tell funny and often poignant stories that all women can relate to." It "features a series of 5-person casts that will play in 4-week cycles. The current cast members perform through 7-3."

It opened 10-1-09 and on 6-16, Susan joined the other current cast members for "a pre-show cake party" celebrating its 700th performance." The production benefit Dress for Success and audience members are encouraged to donate "gently-used purses" and other accessories in the lobby.
The Westside Theatre is at 407 W. 43rd St., NY, NY 10036. Tickets by Phone: 212-239-6200

Marsha (Vampire Audrey) stars as the bawdy, vain "Lady Catherine" in W. Somerset Maugham's "The Circle" at the Westport Country Playhouse  in Westport, CT. It opened 6-7 and ends 6-25.
Publicity: It "is about Lord Champion-Cheney, who, many years ago, was abandoned by his wife, a legendary beauty. Now his son Arnold, a politician and rising star, is having marital problems of his own. Is history destined to repeat itself? Considered by many as Maugham's wittiest play, The Circle is a seamless blend of romance and repartee."
The Westport Country Playhouse is at 25 Powers Court, Westport, CT 06880. Tickets by Phone: 1-888-927-7529.
Bob composed all the distinctive DS music, including the iconic Main Theme, Josette's Music Box Theme, Quentin's signature "Shadows of the Night" melody, and every cue, scene-ending sting, and more. He also composed music for virtually all of DS Creator DAN CURTIS' theatrical and TV films, as well as Dan's 1970s acclaimed epic miniseries "Winds of War" and "War & Remembrance."
The newly-released "Burnt Offerings" is only offered online from Screen Archives Entertainment  Price for the "Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack" is $19.95.
Publicity: "1976 Haunted house chiller directed by Dan Curtis has Oliver Reed and Karen Black as summer caretakers moving into a gothic house with their young son. The catch? The house rejuvenates a part of itself with each death that occurs on its premises."

SG has reported confirmed developments about the new "Dark Shadows" feature film since the project was first announced in July, 2007.
The new DS theatrical version has been given a May 11, 2012 release date by Warner Brothers Studio, which is behind the film along with Johnny Depp's Infinitum/Nihil Productions, GK (Graham King) Productions, and the Dan Curtis Estate.
Johnny fulfills a childhood dream to portray "Barnabas." His longtime collaborator Tim Burton (also a lifelong DS fan) will direct. Production began in May, filming entirely in London's Pinewood Studios and at various locations in England.
SG will be kept informed and announce confirmed each SG print issue and in the SG Online Updates through the SG YahooGroup.
SG reminds fans: "There's always a possibility that a strategic or technical reason could lead to a change of the release date, but (this is) the date currently scheduled." The movie "will be filled with familiar characters from the original DS but also promises to have some new twists, as well as the addition of Johnny's and Tim's unique style."

The SG Updates via the SG Yahoo Group have steadily premiere-announced confirmed details for our 2011 gathering; first word information also was reported in the Double SG #119-#120 Official DS Newsletter earlier this year.
August 19, 20 & 21, 2011 (Friday to Sunday)
New York Marriott Hotel at the Brooklyn Bridge
333 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-246-7000
DENISE (Amy Jennings, Nora Collins) will attend her first DS convention in many years. She joins previously-announced guests JONATHAN FRID, DAVID SELBY, LARA PARKER, JERRY LACY, KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT, CHRIS PENNOCK, KATHLEEN CODY, MARIE WALLACE, DONNA WANDREY, and SHARON SMYTH. More guests to be announced.
This marks the first joint appearance of the 3 actresses who played the young girl characters on DS: In addition to Denise's 2 roles, Sharon was "Sarah" and Kathleen was "Carrie" and "Hallie."
PLEASE see SG Update #239 and previous Updates for full information about the hotel, plus a breakdown on programming events for each day of the Fest. Guests will sign free autographs and pose for photos at no charge during the weekend.
Fans are encouraged to pay for their admission memberships in advance to receive a tentative programming schedule shortly before the convention. Attending memberships at the same rates will be sold at the door. Pre-registrations and Dinner reservations must be received by 8-12-11.
You will be sent a receipt by return mail. Bring this receipt with you to the Fest Registration Table in the hotel ballroom area to pick up your membership badge and convention Program Book. You must wear your badge to enter all Fest activities during the weekend..
There is no additional charge for any Fest programming except the Sunday evening Banquet, which requires a non-refundable advance reservation of $80 per meal (price includes Jonathan Frid's autographed commemorative photo, personalized to your name.His autograph will be available only to each Banquet attendee.).
All weekend (Fri.-Sun.) - $30 per person
Daily -  $15 per person per day
Children (6-12) - Half-price
You must include the Fest registration form. To receive it, please send a SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope) to the Fest address below or print it from the Fest website. Credit card and PayPal can not be accepted. Pay by check/money order only, please.
Please include the full name(s) and full postal-mail address(es) for each person for whom you are paying and enclose 2 SASEs with your payment.  Send all Fest correspondence to:
Dark Shadows Festival
P.O. Box 92
Maplewood, NJ 07040
Questions: Please directly contact the Fest at the above.
The Fest also asks SG to tell fans that the host hotel "presently has sold out of sleeping rooms
at the special reduced rate for the Fest weekend. Although the hotel will continue to accept reservations when possible, there is no guarantee that the special rate will be available. Please contact the hotel directly with questions and for more information: 718-246-7000."
SG does advise fans that other convenient options are available at one of the following hotels. Each is approximately 1 mile away with easy taxi and subway access to the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott: You may be able to share cab or train rides with other fans staying at these hotels.
--- New York Marriott Downtown, 85 West Street, NY, NY 10006.   212-385-4900.
--- Millenium Hilton Hotel, 55 Church Street, NY, NY 10007:   212-693-2001.
Fans seeking potential hotel roommates may contact the Fest Roommate Coordinator, Pam Jarman: She will relay contact information to you to make your own arrangements. Contact Pam at or send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) to Pam Jarman, P.O. Box 45674, Los Angeles, CA 90045.

--- Fans attending Susan's and/or Marsha's plays are asked to please share with SG their reports, photos, program books, local publicity and reviews, etc. Please also share any articles or reviews of Bob's "Burnt Offerings" CD release.
--- All fans are invited and encouraged to send SG any and all DS-related media mentions that you find at any time. Such references can be about the DS personnel and their projects, the upcoming Depp/Burton DS movie, the DS Festivals, DS merchandise, etc These items can come online, in print, or on the air; be international, national, or local; general or detailed; accurate or incorrect in content; specific or generic references.
Please identify the complete source and send all materials to the SG addresses below.
These items are important to the ShadowGram Newsletters, the actual complete published Official DS Newsletter and News Source. The current issue is the huge Double SG #119-#120 and it is immediately available by postal-mail subscription.
SG print edition subscription information is later in this Update.

Please include your full name so I can list you as a Contributor in the published SGs. You also may receive a complementary Contributor's Copy for major donations of information, funds, postage stamps, supplies, photos, publicity, assistance, etc. Thank you in advance for sharing.
This Update is posted to the ShadowGram YahooGroup and is dispersed by interested people  to various lists, boards, websites, groups, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, in personal emails and other online/print communications. Please include SG's complete address and subscription information in your sharing.
You can join the actual SG YahooGroup easily at no cost:
Membership in the group is free and you do not need to be a SG postal-mail subscriber to join.
You can read past SG Online Updates once you're a member of the group by clicking on the "Messages" tab.
If you'd like more information on how to become a SG YahooGroup member, or to get an invitation to join the group, please e-mail Marcy Robin at
Thank you.
Marcy Robin
ShadowGram Editor / Publisher
P.O. Box 1766
Temple City, CA 91780-7766
YahooGroup e-mail:
Official ShadowGram Website:
SHADOWGRAM (SG) is the *Official* "Dark Shadows" Newsletter. Much of its news is directly provided by the show's personnel and those involved in the 1966-71 TV series,
1991 TV series, and 2004 WB pilot. Established almost 32 years ago in April, 1979, SG
works directly with individuals, companies, and others involved in DS' creation,
distribution, promotion, merchandise, etc.
SG print issues are published throughout the year. Free time-sensitive complementary bonus breaking-news published updates can be sent as needed at any time to all current paid postal-mail subscribers.
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NOTE: The e-mail Updates are * NOT * the actual Official DS Newsletter. The Official DS Newsletters are the published SG print issues that expand and explain each short Online Update post. The postal-mail edition is available by paid subscription and provides specific detailed information, exclusive/rare photos, media coverage, and much more than these brief Updates.

SG postal-mail print issues are immediately available. The current published newsletter is sent to you immediately to begin your subscription / renewal.
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