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Shadowgram update from Marcy


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Number 235.                                      March 20, 2011


Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,

ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS), announces the following breaking news in this Online News Update "bulletin."



Stuart (DS Associate Producer) has his own production company and shares about his projects in each SG print issue. He asks SG to announce: "MANHUNTERS premiered its Third Season on Thursday, March 17, at 10pm and airs every Thursday after that on the A&E Network.."

Press Release: "Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force: They are the best of the best, hunting down the worst of the worst...everyone from the DC snipers and triple homicide felons to major international fugitives. They are the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force, and they are the ultimate `manhunters.' Mandated by U.S. Congress the Task Force is made up of multiple federal, state and local agencies, and has the unique ability to transcend jurisdictions in order to work together, unfettered by local boundaries, towards the common goal of catching these violent fugitives."


Joe (1991 DS David, Daniel) seems confirmed to play "Alberto Falcone aka The Holiday Killer'in the next installment of the "Batman" film series. Titled "The Dark Knight Rises," it will be directed by Christopher Nolan. Joe co-starred as "Arthur" in Nolan's 2010 psychological thriller movie "Inception," which was nominated/won numerous awards, including Oscars and Golden Globes. ((See SGs #117-#118 and #119-#120 print issues))

Variety 2-18: "Insiders tell Variety that Gordon-Levitt will be playing Alberto Falcone, the son of Mafia chieftain Carmine Falcone, the character Tom Wilkinson played in `Batman Begins.' Alberto Falcone, who is also known as The Holiday Killer, would bring Nolan's superhero trilogy full-circle. The character fits with the helmer's stated intentions for continuity and preference to pit the Caped Crusader against `realistic' villains... .Nolan continues to fine-tune the script as the start of production grows closer." Release is aimed for 7-20-12.

SG's already detailed Joe's next films. He has the title role as a rebellious anarchist loner in the independent "Hesher," produced by and co-starring Oscar-winner Natalie Portman. Release is expected in April. He's also in the "cancer comedy 50/50" (current title). It's a fact-based story of a young man suddenly stricken with the disease, who eventually successfully conquers it. Shot a year ago in Vancouver, it's planned for 9-30. In the thriller "Premium Rush," he's a bicycle courier unexpectedly caught in intrigue and danger. It has a 1-13-12 opening. He's currently filming Rian Johnson's futuristic science fiction thriller "Looper." All these movies are reported in detail in SGs #117-#120.


SG encourages fans to vote for Big Finish Productions' 2010 DS audiodrama "The Night Whispers," nominated for a "Best Soundtrack or Horror CD" Rondo Award. Only e-mail voting is allowed and voting ends at midnight Saturday, March 27.

This audiodrama CD debuted at the 2010 DS Fest in Burbank, CA, and marks the first time in 40+ years that Jonathan Frid has portrayed his iconic "Barnabas Collins" character. It was recorded thousands of miles apart: Jonathan in a Toronto studio and John Karlen portraying his "Willie Loomis" character in a Los Angeles studio.

It is available from the DS Festival:
Big Finish Productions website

The Rondo Awards website has 29 separate categories citing the horror genre in film, current TV show episode, comic book, magazine/magazine cover, article, interview, dvd, toy/model kit/collectible, website, blog, and many more.

Rondo publicity: The Awards...are fandom's only classic horror award, decided by fans, for fans, and dedicated to preserving the undying spirit of monsters past. Every Rondo nominee is being recognized for a significant achievement in the genre during the year of 2010. The Awards are sponsored by the Classic Horror Film Board

Rondo Award voting information follows, direct from its website:

9th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Honoring the best in classic horror reaearch, creativity, and film restoration

All voting is by e-mail only. You can put an X next to your selection; or you can highlight your picks in a color; or you can type them into a separate list. Any of those methods work fine. You do not have to vote in every category.

Simply copy this ballot and send an e-mail with your picks to David Colton at by midnight, March 27, 2011.

Winners will be announced March 28, 2011.

One vote per person, please.
Every e-mail must include your name to be counted. All votes are kept strictly confidential. No e-mail addresses or any personal information will ever be shared with anyone.Please, no mass-mailing campaigns, duplicated ballots, etc.


And vote for the second title listed as follows:

-- DARK SHADOWS: The Night Whispers (Big Finish Productions).
Jonathan Frid returns in this audio recreation of horror soap scripts.

E-mail your vote, with your name, to by March 27, 2011.

The latest print issue of the Official DS Newsletter is available now via postal-mail. As always, this Double SG #119-#120 is packed-full of DS news, photographs, and more.

Key highlights were cited in SG Online Update #234 (Feb. 28, 2011).

The issue features specific co
nfirmed information about the new DS movie starring Johnny Depp as "Barnabas" and directed by Tim Burton, both lifelong DS fans. The top-secret script by John August and Seth Grahame-Smith "expects to introduce new elements not seen in previous tellings of DS," while "infusing the the unique style and personality" of Depp and Burton."

SG #119-#120 individual sections have exclusive and unique photographs, detailed media article excerpts and information relating to DS in the media, the the DS cast/crew's projects and careers, and more. Also included are messages to the fans from some DS personnel and a new adult photo of DAVID HENESY (David, Daniel, Jamison, Tad). You will find much advance information about our 2011 DS Festival convention-DS' 45th Anniversary Celebration in Brooklyn, NY, on Aug. 19-21, as well as commentary/photos from our 2010 Festival Convention in Burbank, CA.

Also: New DS merchandise due this
year, including Barnabas' apparel and accessories; accurate re-creations of original DS moel kits; books; and more. There's also a candid, intricate personal history and update about TV's "Collinwood" - Seaview Terrace in Newport, Rhode Island - written exclusively for SG #119-#120 by Denise Carey, daughter of the owners.
Subscription information for the ShadowGram Newsletter print issues:

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Each full SG postal-mail newsletter expands and explains these brief email update posts with details, photos, and more.


Recent SG Online Updates and the new SG #119-#120 premiere-announced confirmed news for the annual DS convention.

August 19, 20 & 21, 2011
New York Marriott Hotel at the Brooklyn Bridge
333 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-246-7000

We will welcome over a dozen DS cast/crew guests and offer a full weekend of programming:
GUESTS: Jonathan Frid, Lara Parker, David Selby, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Jerry Lacy, Kathleen Cody, Marie Wallace, Sharon Smyth, Donna Wandrey, Robert Cobert.
Programming highlights throughout the weekend: Guest onstage talks, audience Q&A sessions, and live presentations; free guest autographs and photo opportunities; rare video screenings; huge Marketplace Vendor/Dealer area with countless items for sale; discussion of DS' history, current events, and future plans; charity auction with DS and other rare items; fan-generated onstage Costume/Presentation Gala for the fun of sharing; displays; and more.

General daily hours: FRI. 8-19:
Registration opens approx. 4pm. Fest programming runs 6pm-approx. midnight.
SAT. 8-20: Registration opens approx. 10am and programming runs 11am-approx. midnight.
SUN. 8-21: Registration opens approx.10am and programming runs 11am-approx. 6pm. Closing Banquet (separate non-refundable reservations required) starts around 7-8:00pm and ends the Fest around 10-11pm.
The hotel has sleeping rooms av
ailable at a special discount Fest rate. Fans are urged to make their reservations as soon as possible, as the number of these rooms are limited. You must call the hotel directly and mention the "Dark Shadows Festival" to receive the discount rate: Call 1-800-266-9432.

Fans now are encouraged to send
the Fest a SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope) to receive the general-information mass mailing that is sent to everyone on its postal-mail list.

However, please note; fans are asked to NOT send in any Fest payments now, as they will be held, unopened, until the Fest send sout its official mass psotal-mailing. Once you receive the mailing, you then should send your actual payments.

The Fest can not accept PayPal or credit cards. All payments MUST be accompanied by the official Fest registration form (sent in the mailing and to be posted later to the Fets website).
Send your SASE now to:

Dark Shadows Festival
P.O. Box 92
Maplewood, NJ 07040

Upcoming SG Online Updates
 via the ShadowGram YahooGroup will continue to premiere-announce more information regarding the Fest. Details also will be in upcoming ShadowGram Official DS Newsletter print issues sent to current postal-mail subscribers. ((SG print issue subscription information is above and also later in this Update.))


--- Fans attending the Fest are invited to please share their reports and photos with SG so those who cannot be there can enjoy the occasion through your experience. Please send all materials to SG's e- or postal- mail addresses below.

--- SG also asks all fans to please share DS-related media mentions that you find at any time. These can be about the DS personnel and their projects, the new movie, the Fest, merchandise, etc. These items can come online, in print, or on the air; be international, national, or local; general or detailed; accurate or incorrect in content. Please identify the complete source and send all materials to the SG addresses below.

Please include your full name so I can list you as a contributor in the published SGs. You also may receive a complementary Contributor's Copy for major donations of information, funds, postage stamps, supplies, photos, publicity, assistance, etc. Thank you in advance for sharing.

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Marcy Robin
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SHADOWGRAM (SG) is the *Official* "Dark Shadows" Newsletter. Much of its news is directly provided by the show's personnel and those involved in the 1966-71 TV series, 1991 TV series, and 2004 WB pilot. Established almost 32 years ago in April, 1979, SG works directly with individuals, companies, and others involved in DS' creation, distribution, promotion, merchandise, etc.

SG print issues are published throughout the year. Free time-sensitive complementary bonus breaking-news published updates can be sent as needed at any time to all current paid postal-mail subscribers.

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