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Number 231.    December 22, 2010
Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS),
announces the following breaking news in this Online News Update "bulletin."

Jonathan (Barnabas, Bramwell) has added a special holiday-season treat on his official website
He presents a dramatic reading of the iconic "A Visit from Saint Nicholas" / "The Night Before Christmas." The descriptive poem, long attributed to Clement Clarke Moore, was first published in 1823. It is considered a major cultural influence on the popular images and ideas of Santa Claus' annual visits to homes around the world.
Jonathan, wearing a grey-toned plaid shirt, looks into the camera as he introduces "a poem most of you no doubt have come in touch with one Christmas occasion or another over the years." He then begins to read. As he's done with his dramatic readings since he began them in the 1980s, he flavors the familiar words with his vocal range, facial expressions, and gestures.
Whether you know and love the poem or not, its phrases and details are part of the common holiday experience. SG thanks Jonathan for sharing his own interpretation. SG also hopes all fans enjoy it by visiting

Big Finish Productions tells SG it "is running a special Christmas sale, with selected titles offered at discount prices. The first series of full-cast DS audiodrama CDs and Lara Parker's audiobook of her out-of-print 1998 novel "Angelique's Descent" can be purchased at special reduced rates from now until Jan. 15."
For more information, visit
"Over the past year, Big Finish have released 10 new stories, including the second series of full-cast dramas, "Kingdom of the Dead," "The Night Whispers," starring Jonathan Frid, and most recently "The Doll House," starring Marie Wallace and Terrayne Crawford. The entire range can be purchased on CD and digital download" from

---  To each of you - subscribers to the SG Newsletter print issues, members of the SG YahooGroup, those who join us in person and/or in spirit at our annual DS Festival conventions, DS fans of all ages worldwide - I send you the happiest, sweetest, and warmest wishes for the season and in the coming new year!  
- Marcy
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