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SHADOWGRAM UPDATE from Marcy and Crew .....

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Number 230.    December 6, 2010
Hello, Dark Shadows Fan,
ShadowGram (SG), The Official Newsletter & News Source for Dark Shadows (DS),
announces the following breaking news in this Online News Update "bulletin."


SG Update #227 reported Chris' participation in "the first West Coast staged reading
of the award-winning play SHADES at the Women in the Arts Festival" in Palm
Springs, CA 11-6, produced by the LA Women's Theatre Project." The play "is
about the effect war has on those who come home and how men and women cope with
issues and communicate differently." (Press release)
Chris (Jeb, Cyrus/John, Sebastian, Gabriel) relays that they received a standing ovation. Another staged reading with the same cast is planned to benefit the Palm Springs USO. Following the presentation will be a catered 3-course buffet dinner with the playwright, director, and actors.
The performance is 12-19 at 2:00 at the theater at Villa Portofino, 73313 Country Club Dr., Palm Desert, CA.
Theater tickets are $7 and the dinner is $25 if ordered by 12-14 or $30 thereafter. Reservations are by credit card and can be made by calling Julie Miller at 760-404-1178 at the Villa Portofino.

Joseph (1991 DS David, Daniel) has shared with the SG print issues about INCEPTION, the psychological thriller from director/writer Christopher Nolan. The film was one of the summer's biggest - and most intriguing - box-office hits. It comes out from Warner 12-7 on DVD and Blu-Ray.
He plays "Arthur," a vital member of an elite "team of thieves, artists, and scientists" who "can enter the subconsciouses of powerful men to steal their secrets or plant ideas." It "is confusing and pretentious at times but is also visually stunning and clever. In its second hour, it keeps 4 different action movies spinning simultaneously. It's a bold, exciting film."  (LA Times 12-5)

Jonathan (Barnabas, Bramwell) announces a new calendar filled with personal photos is offered through his official website: www.jonathanfrid.com
The website announces:
"Our 2011 Jonathan Frid Autographed Calendar is now available  Throughout the 2011 calendar year we will continue to make this calendar available to everyone. Each month displays a unique picture from a time in Jonathan's life with interesting facts to go along with each month, and comments from Jonathan himself.
"This special calendar can be delivered before Christmas Day but orders must be in by December 8th to guarantee delivery."
You may purchase through Paypal: login to your account at http://www.paypal.com and send a payment of $25.00 to "jffeedback @ gmail.com" (no spaces) with the attached note: "Calendar".
"You can complete your purchase by sending a cheque to "Jonathan Frid" in the amount of US $25.00 ($20 cost of calendar and $5 cost of shipping) sent to the mailing address as follows:
Mark Lawrence / Jonathan Frid
3270 Prospect Dr., Unit 86
Burlington, Ontario Canada
L7N 3M5
*** SG NOTE: If you are paying with a check (cheque) mailed in a regular envelope, please be sure you put $.75 in postage stamps (first ounce) on your envelope or the US Postal Service will not deliver it to Canada. (The US $.44 / Forever stamps only apply for first ounce postage sent to American addresses.)
"Thank you for your interest in obtaining your very own autographed copy of the 2011 Calendar" from Jonathan.

Marie (Eve, Crazy Jenny, Megan Todd) tells SG an interview  called "Marie Wallace, On Stage & In Shadows" is in the Scary Monsters #77 magazine, due out in late Dec.
Also, Big Finish Productions released its new DS audiodrama CD "The Dollhouse" in late Oct.  Marie reprises her character 'Jenny" and Terrayne Crawford reprises her "Beth Chavez" character.

Popular actor Johnny Depp is featured in the newly-released January 2011 issue of Vanity Fair magazine. He discusses various subjects, noting that DS is "something I want to do. The script is close now, really close, and, you know, it's just a question of myself and Tim and the writer ((Seth Grahame-Smith)), basically the three of us, getting together and signing off on various scenarious. But it's really gotten good. In the last three weeks, it's gotten f*****g good."
Since the project was first made public in July, 2007, SG has detailed its progress and status. Johnny and director Tim Burton are lifelong DS fans. Johnny mentioned in interviews over a decade ago ((quoted in SGs at the time)) that he loved DS as a boy. He tried to comb his hair a la Barnabas and play-acted the character. Recent SG Updates noted the revised script is being finalized and production is expected to begin in April.
As of now, there is no official word about the story, casting, filming schedule, marketing, or other specifics, including a possible release date. SG will have confirmed developments in the SG Online Updates and the SG print issues.

SG invites fans attending Chris' staged reading to please share any media articles, publicity, program book, photos, etc. In this way, fans who can not be there can enjoy the occasion with you.
SG asks all fans to please share any and all media coverage of the DS movie and its production. These can be online, in print, or on the air; international, national, or local; general or detailed; accurate or incorrect in content..
Please include your full name so I can list you as a Contributor in the published SGs. You also may receive a complementary Contributor's Copy for major donations of information, funds, postage stamps, supplies, photos, publicity, assistance, etc. Thank you in advance for sharing.
Please also send - at any time - any mentions you may find about any of the DS personnel and their projects. Please send all materials to the SG addresses below.
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