Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DARK SHADOWS FESTIVAL 2012 by Mitch Kirsner

Lyndhurst photo used by permission from Mitch Kirsner from FACEBOOK
A note from Mitch Kirsner
I've posted a few hundred photos from the Dark Shadows Weekend Gathering this past weekend in Tarrytown. There are photos at the con that include a lot of audience shots. Please feel free to downoad any that you might want, all I ask is for credit for any that you may use. I will leave these open for public viewing for the next week or 2. There are 2 different albums, part 1 and 2. Please save and repost any pictures that you might want rather than tagging them all since I have to approve all tags. Thanks ! Album 1 is at this link

and album #2 is here.

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  1. I had seen these marvelous photos, thanks Dan for sharing them. I love your blog!