Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Johnny Depp bewitched by Eva Green in Dark Shadows?

The casting rumor-mill for Burton's vampire reboot gears up again...
Johnny Depp and Eva Green for Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows'...?
Eva Green, the lovely French actress who portrayed Vesper Lynd in the 2006 Bond film Casino Royale, is reportedly in talks to appear in the latest Johnny Depp/Tim Burton collaboration, a feature film version of 60’s cult gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. According to Deadline, Green is in negotiations to play Angelique, a witch who cursed Barnabas Collins (to be played by Depp) to an eternity as a vampire. Angelique was previously played by Lara Parker in the original program, and by Lysette Anthony in the revival. Her tormented former lover, vampire with a conscience Barnabas Collins, has been played by Jonathan Frid and Ben Cross (Sarek in the recent Star Trek reboot).
This comes on the heels of the news that Jackie Earle Haley (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Watchmen, Human Target) is in talks to play Willie Loomis, the drunken caretaker of Collinwood who unwittingly releases Barnabas from his crypt. Willie was originally played by John Karlen and Jim Fyfe. Sources also report that Bella Heathcoate is negotiating to play Victoria Winters, the young governess who reminds Barnabas of his long lost love Josette. In the original program and the revival, Victoria is transported back in time and witnesses the early days of Collinwood, and the transformation of Barnabas from young socialite to bloodthirsty monster. Victoria has been played by Alexandra Isles and Joanna Going.
This will be the fifth version of the Dark Shadows story to be told (sixth if you count the Gold Key comic book from the sixties). There was the original soap opera (which Barnabas didn’t become a part of until the second season, though he has since become its most enduring character), two feature films in the seventies, the revival series of the early nineties, and a failed pilot for The CW from 2004. Dark Shadows was also groundbreaking in being one of the first franchises to show the vampire in a sympathetic light, hating his existence and longing for his humanity. It also followed Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend as showing vampirism as a medical disorder. There is no word yet if they plan on a series of films, or if they’ll incorporate any of the many story lines that were utilized in the original program (Quentin the werewolf would be nice), or if the popular character of Dr. Julia Hoffman will be there to try to cure Barnabas of his affliction. But with Burton’s unique style and Depp’s love for playing strange characters, I can’t see this film being anything less than genius.

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