Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Dark Shadows Returns in May

Dark Shadows Returns in May A new season of Dark Shadows Dramatic Readings will be released later this year this year in advance of Tim Burton's big-screen remake starring Johnny Depp. The six self-contained horror stories are read by members of the original cast with contributions from some familiar faces to fans of Big Finish.

The series, now produced by James Goss and Joseph Lidster, opens in May with The Blind Painter by Jonathan Morris. “It’s a story about a man who wants to be the greatest artist in the world but he’s simply not good enough,” says Lidster. “A beautiful woman offers him the chance to be everything he wants to be but at a price.” The story stars Roger Davis as Charles Delaware Tate and Nicola Bryant as the mysterious Eloise.

Also available in May is The Death Mask by Mark Thomas Passmore. “This one’s a bit different,” says James Goss. “A lawyer, Tony Peterson, arrives at a millionaire’s party, only to find that one of his fellow guests is the witch Angelique – calling herself Cassandra Collins. Soon, a man lies dead and Tony and Cassandra have to work together to try to survive the night.”

The series then continues in June with Simon Guerrier’s The Creeping Fog – a chilling tale set in a London museum and D Lynn Smith’s The Lost Girl which sees the damned soul of Josette Du Pres making a final journey. July’s releases are The Poisoned Soul by James Goss and The Carrion Queen by Lizzie Hopley. The Poisoned Soul features Nancy Barrett as respected pillar of the community Charity Trask, whose body is possessed by the spirit of music hall star Pansy Faye. Charity’s father, the evil Reverend Trask, features alongside Angelique in The Carrion Queen.

“The previous stories have been a huge success,” says Lidster, “so it’s been great to follow on from that.”

Dark Shadows was a phenomenally successful US series of the 60s and 70s,” says Goss, “and we’re thrilled to be able to celebrate its 45th anniversary with six more tales of the macabre.”

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